Bella's Consignments...
...your neighborhood consignment store!

Now accepting quality consignments of
furniture, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, and more!

Consign with us!

It's simple and easy.  Our friendly staff will walk you through the process.

What we take on consignment:

Bella's Consignments gladly accepts quality items in good condition.

We are currently hunting for the following:

* quality contemporary furniture in pristine condition;
* vintage or antique furniture in fair to excellent condition--no cigarette burns, or partial 
*new hand-made furniture
*furniture that has been painted by an artist
*vintage or quality linens
*home accessories
*lamps and lighting
*china (no partial sets or chipped/cracked items)
*flatware (no partial sets or sets in poor conditon)
*designer handbags, beaded bags, etc.
*quality costume or fine jewelry--bakelite, rhinestone, crystal, glass, sterling, etc.
*garden decor--patio sets, fountains, statuary, large decorative pots, benches, etc.
*bronze statues
*quality glassware--Fenton Art Glass, Westmoreland, elegant depression, contemporary hand-                blown glsss, etc.
*collectibles--Hummels, Lladros, etc.
*collectible pottery
*collectible or antique books
*you name it--just ask us and we'll let you know...

What we won't take on consignment:  Poor quality items and/or items that need heavy repair and/or are in very bad shape.  We are also not currently set up to accept clothing, although we will gladly accept jewelry, handbags, and some accessories.

What is our consignment fee?  30%-50% with no other hidden fees or costs.  What we charge depends upon several factors such as:
*how large the item is;
*whether you deliver it to our store;
*how many items you consign;  
...and other factors.   Our friendly staff will assess your particular situation and we will discuss our commission with you.

Can you bring the item(s) to our store?  Of course!  We suggest you make an appointment by calling us at: (805)937-6767.  

Bella's Consignments is open 7 days a week from noon to 5 p.m. If you don't want to come to the store (or it is difficult to bring down your item), you can: 

Call us to arrange an in-home viewing of your item(s)


e-mail pictures to us at: OR

Will we pick up items?  

Yes, in many circumstances we are happy to pickup items at no charge to you.  To learn more, contact us:
via e-mail:
Store Number: (805)937-6767
OR Jim's cell phone:  (805)878-9710
OR Carolyn's cell phone:  (805)878-1978

How to contact us: 
Store Phone: (805)937-6767
By e-mail:
Jim's cell phone:  (805)878-9710
Carolyn's cell phone: (805)878-1978

Who am I trusting with my valuable items?

The Rivaldi family are long-time residents of Santa Barbara County.  Jim is a third genration resident, while Carolyn's folks moved to the County shorty after Carolyn was born in 1952.

The Rivaldis are bonded.  Company employees undergo background checks.

The Rivaldis have had a diversity of experience.  They currently own and operate Heritage House Sales, a personal property liquidation company.  Heritage House sells the entire contents of homes and/or businesses for a variety of reasons.  For more information about Heritage House Sales, visit the website:    The Rivaldis also ran an antique and gift store in Orcutt, CA for almost twenty years and a vintage and designer jewelry store in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Jim and Carolyn Rivaldi are personal property appraisers. 

Bella's Consignments was opened because hundreds of Heritage House Sales customers expressed an interest in consigning their items when a moving or estate sale was not feasible for one reason or another.  People said over and over again that they did not want to sell their fine items at a garage sale.  They wanted to hire the Rivaldis to appraise, display, and sell the items at a retail location..  The Rivaldis listened...and Bella's Consignments was born.

Will my items be covered by insurance at Bella's Consignments? 

Unfortunately, no.  No antique or consignment store can afford insurance on your items.  Insurance companies are loath to insure used or antique items so the rates they set are cost-prohibitive.  HOWEVER, in most cases, your homeowner's or renter's insurance will cover the items you place at Bella's Consignments.  Check with your policy holder to be sure.

Our mission statement at Bella's Consignments:

  • Bella's Consignments is committed to selling quality pre-owned items at affordable prices.
  • Bella's Consignments is an eco-friendly business ("green") committed to recydling quality items.
  • Bella's Consignments is operated on the principle that the satisfaction of our clients (those that consign items) and customers (those that purchase items) is of utmost importance.
  • Bella's Consignments is committed to the development of Old Town Orcutt and the surrounding community.  We are proud of our community!



Bella's Consignments
255 Union Avenue,
Corner of Pacific and Union
in Old Town Orcutt, CA  93455
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