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Estate Sale?


Then consider the possibility of having an estate sale on your premises!

Contrary to popular belief, estate sales happen for many reasons besides a death in the family:

For example, sales can occur because:

      • the client is downsizing;
      • the client wishes to re-decorate;
      • divorce;
      • bankruptcy;
      • moving to another area and don't want to pay the high cost of moving;
      • and many other reasons...

It makes sense to conduct a sale at the client's house because is much more cost-effective to do so!  The commission for an estate sale is typically 30% with no hidden fees or advertising costs. Since 1987, the Rivaldi family has owned and operated Heritage House Sales, a personal property liquidation company. For more information about estate sales, visit their website:     OR
CALL CAROLYN RIVALDI'S CELL PHONE AT:  (805)878-1978.  If Carolyn doesn't pick up, please leave a voicemail and your call will be promptly returned within twenty-four hours.  If you prefer to talk to a live person twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, call the office at:
(805)937-3855, OR, toll-free, at:
1-800-761-3855, OR
send an e-mail at:
The Rivaldis are happy to give you a free, no-obligation in-home assessment. 


You are in good hands with Heritage House Sales.  Heritage House is the largest
and oldest personal property liquidation company on the Central Coast of California.
The Rivaldis are your neighbors--we live right here and are committed to serving our community!  Jim Rivaldi is a third-generation resident of Santa Barbara County.  Carolyn Rivaldi is a California native, but moved to the county shortly after her birth in 1952. 

Put our retail and appraising experience to work for you!  We have trained appraisers on staff.  Jim and Carolyn have had retail stores for about twenty years total--one in Orcutt (Santa Maria), CA, and the other in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Jim and Carolyn have also been conducting estate sales in the Tri-Counties area since 1987.

Heritage House Sales is bonded. 

Heritage House Sales takes out a million dollar liability policy covering each and every estate sale client!  This costs us more, but your protection (and ours) is of the utmost importance!

All Heritage House employees are covered by Workmen's Compensation.  We employ more staff per sale than is standard for our industry.  If you check us out and compare, you will see that--for the same commission OR LESS--our level of service far exceeds the typical service.
Put us to the test!  We are happy to talk to you at no obligation and no cost.  Schedule your free consultation TODAY!


if you haven't been to an estate sale, you probably won't believe it!  Of course, we sell all the big-ticket items such as furniture, cars, boats, diamond and fine costume jewelry, antiques, collectibles, etc.  But--and this surprises many folks--we also sell canned food, clothing, open bags of garden fertilizer, pots and pans, linens, potted plants, magazines, books, pencils, etc.  In other words, we sell the ENTIRE CONTENTS of a home.  This is yet another advantage of an estate sale--at Bella's Consignments we are unable to take all of the household contents into our store--we have to be highly selective.  

For more information about Heritage House Sales, visit the website:    



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